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What Business Schools will look after Covid-19 Crisis


The substantial crisis of the Covid-19 period has changed the way the world was looked before. The business school, once glamoured with the top-notch business leader, enthusiast students, rushing campus and office surface now got emptied. The outbreak of the pandemic played a foul and enforce students and faculties to sit at home. The business school, globally shutting down the classrooms and office temporarily to refrain the community spreading of the virus.

Before the pandemic, the world was functioning differently. In a broader sense, the workforce drives perfectly falls in the place to run everything smoothly. Regularize the admission procedure, classes conducting, market survey, seminars attending, on-hands professional training, campusing placement attributes leadership engagement. The competition, the challenge, and professional initiatives once influenced prestigious business schools. Students run after the reputed faculties to earn maximum knowledge for future implementation.

What is the present scenario of business school

The rushing river gets blocked all of a sudden, so does its flows. Most of the business schools got shutting down to prevent the spread. The timing of the pandemic was unfortunate that semester exams and new admission both collapsed simultaneously. Henceforth, the revenue collection and the expansion of business get hampered. Under this perseverance, the challenge seems to be tough yet managing. The premium institutions are planning to run digitally to keep continuing the outflow of learning.

Post-covid19 safety measures

Mostly, prestigious business schools contributed to the world by producing the creative brain to execute the business globally. The driving force to lead the business world is the asset considering overpowering to the other sector. Such productive and innovative brains strategically experiencing the worse period and learning the trail of dealing methods against the odds. Therefore, the Post-Covid-19 world will observe the outstanding approach to bounce back the tempo to ensure the passage of revenue collection and business expansion.

Let’s check the safety measure list to run the learning process uninterruptedly

  • Minimize attendance
  • Online class conducting option
  • Regular medical check-up of all the staffs in the campus
  • Medical scrutiny of the students in the entering gates
  • Start a virtual library instead of traditional library and study corners
  • Stop accessing food corner in the campus
  • Encourage to bring home-cooked food
  • Shrink the office and admin department timing
  • Seminar and market survey and on hands practical class must stop for the next one year
  • In the admission procedure, the interview procedure must follow one to one method
  • The online exam conducting procedure could be followed to avoid the contacting
  • The virtual classroom must be there to encourage the sick student to learn while staying at home

These are the safety norms business school could follow to bring back the students’ stream. On top of that, the accountability to attend the class would follow proper instructions under strict guidelines. The well-being of students and the faculties should be on a high-priority note.

In what way the business school look after

To bring back the constant flow of the admission process, a business school must follow strict guidelines to avoid the spreading. Find out a few facts that business school measures the safety parameters for the smooth run. Here it is

  1. Health checks up should be the priority: Post Covid-19 world will be different undoubtedly. The fear factor will be with us to getting infected. To ensure the well-being of students and faculty members including office boys and security personnel, regular check-up points must install inside the college premises. The sick leave rule should measure benevolently.
  2. Online admission procedure: Online admission form submission and interview process will ensure less gathering on the college campus. Even the office surrounding will experience systematic workflow without facing the crowd outside the window.
  3. Conciliatory fees structure: The sudden outbreak has collapsed the economy of the entire world. Therefore, the fee structure needs to modify to attract students to get admission. Instead non-refundable fees module, the school can recheck the model of discount patterns to encourage even crumbled students to complete their degrees.
  4. Corona awareness display: The giant led tv screen must be utilized to spread the awareness to prevent the spread in front of the premises. All those visit college campuses will get to know about self-protection measures and prevention of mass spreading. College authority could distribute free masks and gloves along with hand sanitizer to engulf the awareness among students.
  5. Industry based training: There will be abundant potential around the market for skilled professionals. Online training would lead to ambiguity and gives them the confidence to take up the challenge after the crisis period. According to industry experts, there will be dire need of expert professionals who can better understand the post-pandemic phase of the business world.
  6. Online counseling: while staying at home students observed the downfall of the economy, vulnerable condition of countrymen, and watching departed souls. The uncertainty caste the spell of depression. Therefore, the necessity of counseling sessions from the business school authority becomes obvious. Because the decision-maker of the future business world must have sounds health and energetic mind to control other sectors. Besides, the counseling session will be added worth to the course structure.


The earth will take time to restore its previous modus operandi. The damage already happened with human lives will stay forever in mind. But its also a part of life circle that we must acknowledge our limitation and move on with the rest. The business school that leads to other sectors overcome all odds and set forth exemplary contributions to society.

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