MBA (Master Of Business Administration)

The MBA has been designed to support your career progression, preparing you to carry out senior strategic roles successfully or to build your own business. You will study with a cohort of experienced
Professionals drawn from a range of industries, building your network and giving you insights into best practice.

As a consequence, you will explore issues that have significant impact within organisations by working with others and building on individual experiences and comparing and contrasting with those of cohort members. You will carry out projects and assignments designed to help you apply the theories, tools &
Techniques you learn.

Program Overview:

Special features of the programme include:
  1. Flexible approach enables you to make the best use of your time
  2. Blended approach to teaching and learning which will provide you with a range of online materials and on-site workshop support
  3. Online lectures, specially tailored to help you develop your critical thinking and innovative leadership skills
  4. Range of assessment methods used to mirror organisational based activities
  5. Opportunity to work with a range of experienced managers and professionals, both as tutors and peers
  6. Provides a supportive platform for critical reflection, through the application of academic theories to our real work situations
  7. Potential to learn from other experienced managers and professionals participating in the programme
  8. Participation in active and supportive forums drawing on practical expertise

Structure, Mode (Blended)

MMB064Introduction to Research in Contemporary Business Issues15
MMB065Applied Research in Contemporary Business Issues15
MMB037Business and Sustainability15
MMB053Managing Business Finance20
MMB054People Management15
MMB060Planning & Organising the Business Project15
MMB040International Business Strategy15
MMB048Strategic Marketing Planning15
MMB061Leading & Managing the Business Project15
MMB063Research Investigation15
Total Programme Credits 180

Entry Criteria

  • Residents with minimum 21 years of age, completed Degree / Diploma or equivalent & fluency in Academic as well as Business English
  • Student with 120 UK credits can be eligible for final capstone project worth maximum of 60 credits as a Top-Up for Executive MBA route.
  • Student with prior MBA* can opt for final Capstone project worth maximum 60 credits for Conversion MBA route.


  • Class Activities
  • Assignments
  • Project Work
  • Debates / Discussions
  • Report Writing
  • Traditional Pen & Paper Exam
  • Case Study
  • Presentation

*from approved institutions only.

*6 months only for Conversion & Executive MBA (Top-Up)