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BA and BA Hons are degrees which are entitled to the students after completion of the course for 3 years. Once you have got any of the degrees that means you have completed your graduation. As such there are no levels in ordinary BA. Whereas BA (Hons) consists of 4 levels – first class, upper second class, lower second class, and third class. The student’s final grades determine their classification on the basis of the completion of the course. If a student is doing BA (Hons) and not able to perform well to be part of the third class. Then instead of being awarded BA (Hons) degree, that student is awarded an ordinary BA.

The full form of BA is Bachelors of Arts. The ordinary BA degree is also known as BA general. It is easier and requires less study as compared to the other degree which is BA (Hons). Though both the degrees consists of the term BA but BA (Hons) is academically more demanding. It requires a greater level of achievement and learning. An ordinary BA does not focus on general education classes but the target is only on one particular subject. It works on making the student have specialization in that subject/field. On the other hand, the BA (Hons) is for the students who want to pursue a master’s degree or further.

BA General vs BA Honours

BA General

Bachelors of Arts (general) is an undergraduate course which provides a flexible and broad education. It offers an excellent grounding but that is only in one specific subject. This degree makes the students more competent which help them to prepare better for career opportunities. This course also acts a fine base for an extensive variety of careers. BA general has become a crucial element that matter for society because of its greater demand. It gives a basic understanding of the issues, humanity, and science that is impacting our society in every way. Hence it is considered practical by many students.

There is broad scope of career opportunities – event coordination, social services, insurance, administration, tour and travels, and sports coordination. The main goal of this degree is to ingrain students with research experiences, enhancing verbal communication and developing analytical abilities. The minimum qualification to get admission in this course is after completion of the HSC (10+2) exam in any stream.

The BA general represents 300 credits generally omitting the dissertation and project in the final year.

BA (Honours)

Bachelors of Arts (Hons) is a 3 years degree which excels your ability and help achieve advanced skills of analysis. It also helps to develop original ideas and to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. This course is mainly for the students who want to gain knowledge which is required for advanced professional career. It also helps to conduct research in a specific arts area. It includes specialization in more than one subject and has combination of research project and coursework in a chosen field.

This course main objective is to qualify the students academically who would be able to weigh up arguments and evidence. Moreover, it also focuses on making the students believe in teamwork rather than working individually. It further motivates them to make rational choices. The students who want to continue their study with a master degree or a doctorate (Ph.D.) always opt this course. After the successful completion of BA (Hons), one can easily opt for masters and get an effortless admission. It has various career opportunities – advertising, journalism, management, administration and marketing, public services, politics, teaching, police force, and psychology. It has ample of opportunities if we will compare it with what BA general includes.

BA (Hons) is equivalent to 360+ credits of study for over 3 years. It usually consists of substantial dissertation and project while being in the final year of study.


It is not about choice of the course, but how dedicatedly you complete it and the grades that is important. Now that you know the aspects related to both the courses, make choice based on your ambition, needs, and circumstances. BA general can be done if you want to be a graduate and show that you have completed university education. But if you want to reach a higher level in studies, BA (Hons) is something you should opt for.

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