Conversion MBA

There is nothing better than Conversion MBA to nourish your skills and survive in this highly competitive world. Our Business School admits the same and has come up with a conversion MBA course for those who have big dreams and are looking to complement their knowledge.

Students indulged in our conversion MBA programme will get global recognition. And will be able to qualify as an effective and efficient leader on the business landscape.

Course Overview

Conversion MBA offered at our Business School is designed to assist the professionals who are looking to plunge in a state-of-the-art business management. The tutees looking for the course should hold a degree in MSc or MA in cognate business or any management discipline. Thousands of students are a part of this programme and will learn the ways to succeed in the business world.

The course will mould you in a way that you can easily couple the practicality and theoretical know-how for developing professional and sure-shot solutions.

Conversion MBA course offered by us will open the doors to a multitude of opportunities. And will act as a staircase towards a flourishing career.

We are backed up with a considerable history and have broken the conventional bars by educating students in the most effective and efficient way.

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Course Structure

The core structure of conversion MBA program is based on the 60 credit module. The customised course structure will aid you in becoming a professional with high-end skills. However, this MBA programme contains a myriad of workshops, and practical sessions that are conducted in the form of sessions organized in a face to face manner.

These modules will push you to apply the skills you have learned during the course. The same will further assist you in several promotions in your current workplace. And furthermore, in securing decent jobs in new business organizations.

The objective of our Conversion MBA Programme:

  • To keep yourself up with the grossing industrial and business trends while understanding them in a comprehensive manner.
  • Develop and embrace your skills and become better as a thinker and a flexible practitioner.
  • Apply professional practices by converting complexities into opportunities
  • Upscale your conventional degree and increase the chances of getting commendable and decent jobs.

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