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Since the pandemic started in 2020, changes have been made to adjust education. Teaching is now undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. There is a distinctive rise in the use of e-learning, such as Zoom to Google classroom, Flipgrid to Nearpod technological growth. The Ed-tech tool kit being built throughout this time. However, not all …


7 Skills Needed For International Leader

Success in the globalised economy of today is mainly reserved for those ready to conduct business with different people around the world. International organisations have partners, managers, and operations covering almost all regions of the globe. Some have multiple headquarters indicating the diversity of approach to business in today’s global economy.  You can only propel …

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proactive quality management

Proactive Quality Management

Prevention is always better than cure. Likewise, establishing a quality culture through effective management for good and service production is better done from business fundamentals. Instead of making adjustments and patches later along the line as defects and problems arise.  Unlike traditional management approaches, thats precisely how proactive quality management ensures the best results through …

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UK University

Top UK University

In the past, schools were ranked as top institutions with more sentimentality based on storied histories. Their rich endowments that trickled from generation to generation became a blind spot on their growth journey. Even though this isn’t a general factor, some top universities from before were lagging.  The 21st century would go down in history …

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Healt and Social Sector

Surge in online health and social care training

The recent coronavirus has imposed a complete shutdown for most of the economic activities. People from approximately 187 countries are affected by the pandemic and are looking for healthcare services for their revival in severe conditions. As everything came to a standstill, the online health and social care training have been through an upward movement …

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Opportunities during pandemic

Opportunities of The Current Pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of dark sides. All around the world people are getting ill and dying, educational institutions are closed, healthcare systems are suffering, stock market collapsing, various employees are losing their jobs, companies facing bankruptcy, and countries spending billions of their income on medical aid or bailouts. Whether we …

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