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Best learning platforms to explore during Coronavirus pandemic

Because of the recent breakdown of the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy and lives of many people are at stake. It is one known to be one of the significant events that will be posing an impact on the professional, social, and busy lives of people. While we look forward to entering the new year for the opportunities, the pandemic has posed a lot of obstacles in between causing downtime for many people.

Yes, the Coronavirus pandemic is an issue right now, but you shouldn’t tend to give up on your career or any of your entrepreneurial dreams. Try taking advantage of the opportunity and start exploring new avenues, skills. You can also look for subscribing to online learning platforms to expand your knowledge and learn from your home. If you are looking for a switch or looking ahead to boost your career or want to advance your professional goals try to look forward to ways for learning constructively in the current circumstances of self-isolation.

Let’s know about a few of the learning platforms that allow you to make your time productive during Coronavirus pandemic:


Known to be one of the prestigious online platforms collaborated with the top universities responsible for developing new courses for students. On pursuing any course from Coursera, you will receive a certificate from the learning center along with the renowned universities in various disciplines. You can also look for free courses, and you need to pay if you receive the full credential.

The academy allows their students to follow a particular timetable and will enable them to complete the course before the deadline already notified to them. Their professional education programs are high, and you can choose the one according to your budget and academic requirements.


Being one of the top online course platforms across the world, the Udemy is known to be a great choice if you are looking ahead for a reasonably priced course. The academy has a big range of courses for the students ranging from business development, accounting, marketing, finance, etc. The platform is well-known for its user-friendliness and flexibility features. Besides, in the quarantine period, they are offering a few free courses too, for students who want to make the most out of the period.

While choosing a course on Udemy, try to be sure of the course having high ratings and reviews. The business owners can create a business account and take advantage of the additional features offered to them in their fields.

Linkedin Learning:

Linkedin is known to be one of the most visited platforms for professionals. The community is not to be the largest to offer people to unite with others sharing similar interests or professional tendencies. If at any given point of time in your life, you were searching for a job on Linkedin, you must have opted for a premium subscription having an annual or monthly fee intact. Do you know through the premium subscription you can gain access to many online courses and can explore better career prospects in the future? No!, then here is the answer yes, Linkedin provides numerous opportunities for learning well to its premium subscribers.

The online courses offered by Linkedin are of high quality and follow a particular hierarchy for specialists like a beginner to an extensive specialist. As a learner, you can look ahead to choose the best course for you as there will be plenty for everyone. On completion, you can also add certifications to your Linkedin profile to showcase your expertise on the platform, which in turn will improve your resume. This activity can help you in the long run for attracting recruiters to hire the best talent.


Well-known for covering a varied number of topics, the Skillshare platform offers courses in not only programming, entrepreneurship, business studies. But, they do have numerous courses in writing, personal branding, etc. They work on a subscription model and allow you to make either annual or monthly payments and learn a range of skills in a single go. They keep on updating their courses list from time to time to cater to every region and people’s quest for learning new things.

It is an excellent platform for elearning and especially for the people who are looking for practical knowledge in the subjects of their interest and are interested in acquiring new skills. Do have a look at their platform in Quarantine, as they happen to offer some discounts for you.


The elearning platform offers the best online degrees and some of the best certification courses that are available for the desktop, tablet, or mobile screens. The platform is built up to connect students sitting in various corners of the globe with their tutors. They keep on launching new opportunities for student interactions and allow students to share their experiences to make the platform better for everyone. Anyone can join Futurelearn as it is free of cost, and if you wish to receive a certificate at the end of the course, then you need to pay for the same. On your payment, you can download the study material and store it with you for any future requirements.

Apart from these online platforms, many universities, institutions, and colleges have come ahead to offer their students some of the courses so that they can learn well during the quarantine period. This is a tough period for everybody, but if you get to learn and make your time productive by acquiring new skills, then why not. Try making the best use of the time and make great efforts to learn the subjects of your interest. Do check student testimonials before you commit to any platform and then join seriously any short course for exploring new dimensions of your career.

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