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9 Best Executive MBA Programs in the United Arab Emirates

The executive MBA programs are known to be those management programs, usually for about two years in the United Arab Emirates. The business executive takes the programs for five years for the managerial experience.

The motive behind pursuing the executive MBA in UAE, to enhance the leadership skills and managerial skills for business personals to create space in the industry.

UAE is one of the prominent business destination across the globe. Also, the country has also been credited with a considerable quantum of the expatriate population.

The nation also offers varied courses for the executive MBA. The course is a prerequisite for UAE and has a booming history for young people striving hard to evolve.

Let’s know about nine best executive MBA in UAE:

Lincoln University of Business and Management:

The university offers many management programs with the mission of transforming the participants into global leaders. The institute started in 2014 and has provided education to more than 4000 students coming across 85 countries.

The academic services at the university allow the students to go through an extensive learning process and equip our students with research-based knowledge. We have strived hard all these years and partnered with some of the finest universities all around the world.

American University in Dubai:

The university offers a program known as executive master of business administration. It is known to serve as a diversified community committed to knowledge pursuit through their teaching excellence, scholars, and innovative endeavors.

Therefore, they do have international faculties offering broad exposure to the students hailing from different teaching methods, research opportunities, and cultures.

York St. John’s University:

The university offers globally recognized management programs and is one of the respected institutions across the globe. Known to be one of the best universities in London and have been providing education in many countries, including UAE.

Their UAE campus offers the best academic programs that are rich in modern management practices and allow their students to gather international exposure during their term in YSJ.

They possess best-in-class teaching methods coupled with world-class faculties to provide students a multitude of benefits while pursuing their management program.

London Business School:

The institution has two campuses, one is in Dubai and another one is in London. You can be an EMBA participant and can work full-time while studying simultaneously, making due advancement in your career.

The college allows the diversified perspectives and extraordinary minds to connect and have a profound impact on how the world conducts business and leaves the lasting effect in the industry.

They always aim to focus on global requirements. And provide their students a full-fledged exposure with the help of tasks and activities organized during the course.

INSEAD-The business school for the world

The college offers a global executive MBA in UAE and has its campuses in three regions i.e., France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi.

Their method of research and teaching provides rigor and relevance to the academic and pushes students to do well in their career.

The GEMBA in the university provides 17 to 14 months of fast-track programs. Also, their faculty excels in research development and challenges, inspires, and supports the business leaders in various industries.

HULT International business school:

The institution offers a part-time Global executive MBA in UAE to its participants. It is a 24 to 18 months program specially designed for professionals who want to pursue their career further and hone new skills.

The program allows students to attend weekend classes and have various options to accelerate their degree progression.

Institute stresses the practical application of the knowledge and helps students expand their capacity as a leader. Strengthening their communication skills and learning business knowledge.

Synergy University of Dubai

The program is specially invites applications from top managers and executives serving in various industries.

Additionally, the Executive Masters in Business Administration Program offered by the Synergy University of Dubai allows the professionals to get equipped with the relevant and modern business practices and enrich them with the knowledge of management topics required to survive in the industry.

The institute owns a good network of alumni. Their support and guidance help current students reach new heights in their careers.

Cass Business School, City University of London

The institute offers an executive MBA in UAE and London. The school provides access to the London campus. And has many programs that can allow students from Dubai to visit London for further studies.

The participants can look at transforming their future through these programs by visiting London for one of their electives.

The business practitioners and inspiring academics at Cass Business School can help the professionals in preparing for their upcoming career moves.

Hence, try to select your projects and electives aligning with your career goals.

The program or curriculum allow the students to get in touch with their mentors regularly and practice leadership skills through workshops and coaching with their teams.

University of Strathclyde Business School

One of the oldest universities, offering MBA since 1988. They have being graduated thousands of students since inception and they are serving in their countries. The institutes allow students to study the executive MBA from their international centers.

Therefore, their academics are equipped with the core elements of management practices. The program is best for executives and allow their students to complete their graduation in just two years. But if they have any other priority, they can extend it to a maximum of six years.

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