BA Hons Business Management


This Bachelor’s program requires applicants to possess foundation of business management upon their entrance and proves to be a marvelous choice for those settled on building their careers in management. Students are furnished with a solid foundation of the key aspects of management and a broad understanding of its role and importance in an organization. They are trained to develop important abilities such as managerial, practical and research skills etc. that make them eligible for a wide range of employment opportunities. This Bachelor’s Degree program is designed to encourage learners to exercise their academic skills and theoretical knowledge in real life case studies, allowing them to gain valuable experience. On completion of this fast track Bachelor’s Degree, graduates possess the ability to analyze and interpret organizational decisions due to their comprehensive knowledge of management. Moreover, current and future BA (Hons) students of York St John are given the opportunity to gain professional accreditation from the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) alongside their degree.


This program aims to create individuals with sharp intellectual proficiency and is designed to strengthen critical thinking abilities and a profound understanding of accounting and financial roles in management. The course consists of units that allow learners to gain qualification to analyze complex information and participate in effective communication and collaboration in the corporate world. Students are guided towards personal development along with their academic preparation with a view to transform them into adaptable individuals in the volatile business environment.

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Program Learning Outcomes

On the completion of this program, graduates will be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
  • Expansion and strengthening base for managerial, organizational and business skills.
  • Significant improvement of critical evaluation abilities.
  • Synthesis of complex information and its translation into meaningful units.
  • Providing exceptional and authentic solutions to organizational problems.
  • Application of management theories and principles in day-to-day workplace issues in a wide range of organizations.
  • Expertise in soft skills, collaboration and effective communication, orally and in writing.
  • Development of an independent work ethic and self-management as a learner and ability to achieve goals within a time constraint.

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Stage 1

240 credits from a recognized UK awarding body. Accepted qualification are:

1. Higher National Diploma (HND)
2. Level 5 Diploma in Management (QCF / NQF) from a recognized Professional Body
3. FdA in Business Management or equivalent from a UK HEI
4. International qualifications (equivalent UK Diploma in HE) approved via the NARIC database and in line with common competitor practice.

Stage 2

Code Unit Credits
3BM290 Introduction to Business Research 20
3BM170 Strategic HRM 20
3BM060 International Marketing 20
3BM070 International Corporate Finance 20
3BM020 Organisational Strategic & Decision Making 20
Total 120
Total Programme Credits 360

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